CenterCoin affiliates provide payment expansion token economy so that

they can pay with various types of virtual assets of

the project foundation affiliated with the CenterCoin Foundation.

In other words, it will grow as a global center coin wallet payment platform by increasing

the number of affiliates so that more types of virtual assets can be settled.

In particular, it can be settled with trusted major virtual assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP).

The fee will be used to finance CenterCoin's holder-friendly policies such as 'Buyback' and 'Airdrop'.

C O N T E R  C O I N
Token Distribution

C O N T E R  C O I N
Road Map

C O N T E R  C O I N
Project Team 

Yujin Choi 
Founder / CEO

Managing Director

Jaehun Seo 

Blockchain Research 

and development officer

Taeil Yun 

Blockchain trading research

and development

Blockchain development

Hascoin developer member 

Jiyeon Kim 

Philippine Hana Tour Marketing

Customer Management Exploration

jp world representative

Junehyung Ban 
Media Representative

Hiswillcommns CEO

KT hotel ICT Marketing team leader

Aro Intech team leader

B.Sc Korea University – Computer Science

Deokkwon Kim 
Foreign Cooperation Project Director


General manager of 4 business divisions related to K-POPIncubating and performance planning

CEO of Kingsman Co.,Ltd

Performance and blockchain business

Shannon Jung 
External Cooperation Project Officer

Director of Kingsman 19 Co.,Ltd

Blockchain economy composition design

TMED Market analyst

Co-founder of KCS Co.,Ltd