CenterCoin affiliates provide payment expansion token economy so that

they can pay with various types of virtual assets of

the project foundation affiliated with the CenterCoin Foundation.

In other words, it will grow as a global center coin wallet payment platform by increasing

the number of affiliates so that more types of virtual assets can be settled.

In particular, it can be settled with trusted major virtual assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP).

The fee will be used to finance CenterCoin's holder-friendly policies such as 'Buyback' and 'Airdrop'.

C O N T E R  C O I N
Token Distribution

C O N T E R  C O I N
Road Map

C O N T E R  C O I N
Project Team 

Yunghak Jung 

Managing Director
Bison pnb Representative

Heounsub Choi

WM Holdings, Chairman
Fair Value COO
Chairman of Flat Times Change
Beginning of paying for game portal site (Game City)
Strategic alliance with Nexon Co., Ltd.
(to attract investment)
Development plan for proxy driving
matching program
Workmeet Matching Program Source Technology Planner  

Jaehun Seo

Blockchain R&D Director 

Yujin Choi 
Markting officer 

Support Specialist
Customer Setvice Agent

junehyung Ban

Media officer 

Korea University College of Information and Communication Computer Science
Present) CEO of Hiz Will Comms
Subcommittee, Korea Data Promotion Agency
kt hitel ICT marketing team leader
Aro Intech team leader

Deokkwon Kim 
Overseas Cooperation Project 

Representative of DEN Corporation
Agency business
Head of 4 business divisions

related to K-POP Co., Ltd.
Incubating and performance planning
CEO of Kingsman 19
Performance and blockchain business  

Shannon Jung
Foreign Cooperation Project Director 

Director of Kingsman 19
Blockchain economy configuration design
TMED Market analyst
Co-founder of KCS Co., Ltd.  

Eunsoo Park 
flata TFT General manager 

WB holdings Managing Director
KOVEX Director
Leading Investment Securities CISO
BNG Securities CIO, CISO  


Fair Value Director 

BL Foundation Director
Flata Operating Director
Director of Flat Times Change
Meet Token Management
Game portal service operation
Co-planner of WorkMeet  

Kuknam Bang 

WBholdings Exaggeration  

Hana Bank
 Sogang University, Department of Economics

Adrian Kim 
Fair Value Team Leader

Public Relations Design, Flataexchange
Neowiz Academy Marketing Manager
Marketing, Next Insight Co., Ltd.
KT Industry-Academic

Cooperation PM progress
Ministry of Employment and Labor government project
Education, Korea Internet Professionals Association

Suzy Kang 
Fair Value deputy assistant manager  

Flataexchange Design
Meet Token Design
Director of Communication Design
Path & Joy Design Manager  

C O N T E R  C O I N
Project Advisor

Seongseob Choi  
Fair Value CFO

CEO of Infodesk Co., Ltd.
Founder of PC Structure 119
Online post-it note/white paper
GameCiti and other online game services
Exported many games to Japan/China  

Sean Kim
Fair Value deputy assistant manager  

PMP certification
Former HETEK Solutions Inc
Head of Western Canada,

Services Department
University of Manitoba Psychology Major  

Heejin Shim
Fair Value Chief

Flata designer
Representation of Korea Children's
Culture and Art School
Dyeing Story Theater Designer
Real Stock Image Designer

Uoonji Ji
WBholdings  Chief 

WB Holdings Co., Ltd.
Seun Medical Co., Ltd. China
Chinese language instructor  

Moonkwon Choi 
Fair Value employee 

Flata Video ManagerIRVTECH quality

management research and development  

Hyeongseok Yu

Blobs CEO

Samsung SDS Researcher
Samsung Group EPR Security

System Construction
Government integrated computer

center security operation  

Seunghak Lee 
Blobs CTO

Samsung SDS Researcher
Samsung Group API Gateway Development
Samsung Group building automatic control

solution development