We will make product purchase and service

possible through partnership with OFF-LINE companies.

By signing contracts with merchants closely related to restaurants, cafes, courses, culture, and accommodation

We will make payments possible with various coins in the CenterCoin wallet.

About Center Coin  

Check the various uses of Center Coin.

01  Kickboard Service

Basically, it provides a service that allows you

to use the payment of the fee when using 

the "compensated mobility sharing service

 high kick kickboard platform" 

in the CenterCoin wallet. 

02  Patent application

We applied for a patent related to 

the safety helmet management 

device of shared personal mobility 

and the safety helmet management 

server of shared personal mobility

03 Center Wallet 

Center Coin Wallet is designed to be simple and concise for users to use and is developed to satisfy high-end users.

04 Center swap

Center Swap is a protocol that facilitates automatic exchange between Ethereum 

and ERC-20 tokens.

05 Center pool 

It provides a staking pool and basically provides rewards based on market users' payment fees.

06 Center NFT

Center Coin supports the NFT market 

and logs in using Center Wallet to proceed 

with the transaction.

07 Center Game 

It records transactions for all products using Center Coin as a means of payment, 

and game users can earn rewards just 

by playing the game.


Real-life payment platform to realize DeFi payments: Center Coin(QR) 

 Real-life payment platform to realize DeFi payments: Center Coin 

Center Coin Wallet 

CenterCoin Willet is an easy and secure center wallet designed simple and concise for users to use, 

and is designed to satisfy advanced users, and offers differentiated services such as the following.

It uses industry-class hardware encryption, so it's safe to lose your wallet-installed cell phone.


Registration or subscription is easy and fast, and you can get kind help from the support center at any time.


All information required for center coin access is safely stored on the user's device.

Center Coin

Kickboard Service

Center Coin Wallet supports the payment service for ‘Rewardable mobility sharing service High Kick Scooter platform’ usage. 

In addition, Center Coin (CENT) rewards the user with the Center Coin (CENT) token in proportion to the driving distance when using a shared scooter in 'Hi Kick'. In other words, 

by providing center coin (CENT) rewards for scooter activities, users are provided with an incentive to use “Hi Kick Scooter”, an eco-friendly transportation method.

In addition, the mobility sharing service platform 'Hi Kick' registered in the blockchain network utilizes GPS, RPM, GYRO, and ioT functions to generate complex information and transmit the data to the system. Blockchain records and verifies the transmitted data and pays the center coin (CENT) as a reward for the action. 

Furthermore, big data generated through deep learning based on the contents will be used for various additional creation activities using artificial intelligence (AI).



CenterCoin Ecosystem Expansion through the utilization of IoT, Big data and Blockchain.     

Through the controller installed on the Scooters and IoT (Building IoT service environment through communication and control),
as well as the linkage of user app and live GPS, the information are easily accessible to users regarding the location of closest scooter,
and the status of each scooter (such as battery life and damage.

In addition, Centercoin forms big data by combining basic information and usage patterns of users through the Scooter sharing platform (high kick),
that is, data such as scooter and user's location, usage time, travel distance, and travel time.
To prevent the forgery or alteration of formed data as well as to build reliability the data will be managed and stored through a separate block created on the blockchain.
In addition, the AI system will analyze and process useful data to be provided to corporate enterprises.  

Center Coin Partner


Bitsum Global




Orange Lab





Coin Force




Block Times TV 







SJ Life 

Vietnam Tourism