CENTER Wallet 

Center Coin Wallet is an easy and safe center wallet designed 

for users to use.

It also uses industry-leading hardware encryption to secure your assets.

Main screen of wallet

You can see various assets.

Main screen of wallet

You can check the present price and fluctuations of other coins.

Create wallet

If you install a wallet app, you need to create a wallet.

Enter the code for mnemonic.

When creating a wallet, the wallet is safely protected by providing a "Mnemonic Code Service."

Check the assets

If you create a wallet and complete setting up the mnemonic code, you can check your assets.

Check the transaction records

You can see the withdrawal/retraction status of your assets.

Wallet setting

You can set up various settings for the user in the wallet setting.

Wallet management

Even if you used another wallet, you can add it to the center wallet for integrated management.